Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Sweet as pie! I hope you had a nice weekend. Sweet strawberries paired with tart rhubarb baked inside a buttery homemade crust : ) Rhubarb season is here —- a vegetable that acts like fruit 🤪 lol. Too funny! This recipe is simple & so scrumptious!! Tastes awesome on its own or add a scoop of ice cream 🍨 S ide story, while purchasing rhubarb at a popular food store chain the cashier asked, "what are you making?" I replied, strawberry rhubarb pie. In her words, that's one expensive pie. Her response caught me off guard. With a smile, I responded it's a special treat (meaning for you, food lovers, my blog). If memory serves me correctly, I read that rhubarb is expensive due to the limited amount that grow every year. Nevertheless, everyone deserves to try a slice of rhubarb pie : )

Let’s talk pretty pie — I’ve shared in the past that I made an epic pie fail a few years ago. Baking decor is not my forte’. I watched a tutorial for the braided pie crust by Saveur and practiced prior to baking. My self-made design isn’t perfect but tastes sooo delicious!! Did I mention my kitchen smells amazing 💃 Shine like the stars and have a great day! Thank you for following 💫💛 #getyourbakeon

An inside look! I photographed this pie with my iPhone. Imperfections are visible however, it's still super delicious : ) I enjoy practicing different pie crust styles since my epic fail a few years ago.

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