Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Shakshuka! It's fun to say & eat. My weekend started with this super tasty dish ---- poached eggs in tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, seasoning & feta cheese : ) How do you pronounce it? Shak-shoo-kuh. It's light, flavorful & simple to make. A little chopping & sauteing = deliciousness! Beginner blogger, I've always enjoyed cooking & baking however, clueless about photography. Reading about food photography taught me a lot. I originally photographed shakushuka in 2017 ....yikes! While the old photo is lacking the "eat with your eyes" appeal, it certainly was good. Progress vs perfection ---- practice, take that first step. You never know where your passion will lead you! We all start somewhere : ) Shakshuka is a great breakfast or brunch idea to make in the comfort of your home. Dip with toast or a pita, dig in and have a great day. Be Awesome and thank you for following. #brunchisalwaysagoodidea

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