Easy No Churn Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Scooping into the weekend! Happy Fri-YAY! Beat the heat with minty chocolate chip no churn ice cream : ) This used to be one of my Mom's favorites. I love slightly melted ice cream, it's the best in IMO. What about you?

I used peppermint extract, 3 small dabs of green dye and Nestle's mini chocolate chips. The color is a light-minty green ---I loved it! Allow the ice cream to freeze overnight. I admit to sneaking a spoonful after 5 hours. It looked so creamy & delicious.

Ice cream is fun to make & eat, not to photograph. The entire time I was talking to myself... haul ass, move faster! I've made & photographed no churn ice cream a few times, peach & honey plus a Cherry Garcia copycat recipe. This no churn ice cream is simple, super scrumptious and fun. There's so many delicious flavors, how can you possibly choose only one? Lol. I have way too many favorites.

A friendly reminder, please do not over whip your heavy cream. Fold the dye & chocolate chips into the ice cream mixture ---I used a silicon spatula. A cool sweet treat for hot sum-sum-summertime weather. Have a great day! Be Awesome!

Embrace the melting yumminess!

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