Coconut Macaroons

Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Macaroons... dipped in chocolate rum! That's right : ) I LOVE coconut. I know a few people that aren't coconut fans due to the texture. These cuties are so easy to make --- great on their own or dipped in chocolate deliciousness! 

Lightly golden brown on the outside and chewy inside. I scattered the coconut flakes around because they're so pretty (IMO). Side note, I added the chocolate dipped rum using Ghirardelli dark chocolate blocks. Place in a microwave safe bowl, heat in 30 second increments and stir. Rum is optional and not included in the recipe (I added 1 TSP) .  I've been busy baking and packing up cookies. What is everyone baking up? #holidaycheer #getyourbakeon 🥥😉❤️

Another awesome macaroon recipe is recommended & shown below. They're both deeelicious!!

3 ingredient macaroons by Just a Taste. They're simple & so tasty! I made a holiday Instagram reel with these cuties in December. I had so much fun!

Recipe by 3-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons - Just a Taste

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