Browned Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies

Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Snickerdoodle’licious! I hope you had a great weekend. Monday calls for cookies — Soft & chewy snickerdoodles with a caramel like flavor from browned butter : )

They’re sweet, simple and so darn good. Classic snickerdoodles are always amazing…plus stuffed is beyond 💃 Do you like Nutella? I could eat this hazelnut spread by the spoonful 😄 The night prior to baking, I added about a teaspoon of Nutella on to a small baking sheet {with parchment paper}, freeze over night. Tip: I placed the Nutella pan back into the freezer between each batch. My cookies were big so, next time I’ll make them slightly smaller.

My friend said and I quote “you really shouldn’t make these…they’re dangerously good.”Lol 😆 Nutella is optional. I made half Nutella stuffed and half without. Oh my yumminess 💃 Cookie season is approaching and this scrumptious cutie made the list! I hope you have an awesome week! BeYouTiful and thank you for following 💛💫 #newweeknewgoals Side note: I followed her caramel stuffed snickerdoodle recipe, replaced with Nutella. Yummmm-y!

I included both recipes below *please click on the link below for the full recipe *

A friendly reminder, freeze the Nutella drops prior to baking. I didn't think snickerdoodles could get any better until I baked these >>>>>>>>>>>>

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