Boston Style Cream Puffs

Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! An adorable, light pâte à choux shell filled with a silky vanilla cream AND topped with chocolate ganache : ) 

If you love Boston Cream pie or donuts, you’ll want to make these scrumptious cuties. The cream filling is beyond amazing... stir and keep stirring 🤪 Vanilla cream/custard should resemble a pudding like texture.

Try not to be intimidated making French pastry —- read the directions prior to starting, allow the eggs and butter to sit out at room temperature and most importantly {no matter how tempted you are} do not sneak a peek by opening the oven door. These little cuties need to rise : )

Bake and share with my little sister tomorrow plus we’re allowed to visit my Mom for the first time in a year {due to the pandemic}. I hope you have a great weekend! Be Awesome & Cherish moments together ❤️🍫💛 #bostoncreamteam

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