Black Forest Ice Box Cake

Food Photography: Amy Convery

Blog Post Author: Amy Convery

Cherry on top kind of day! Black forest ice box cake ----fresh macerated cherries, homemade whipped cream with a chocolate graham cracker crust.

A no bake dessert that is perfect for Mother's Day or a summer treat. Do not let the melting layers fool ya! It's yummy dance good : ) I've made two recipes by Albana, they never disappoint. Perhaps I should have waited 6 hours to shoot this cherry'licious dessert. My kitchen is always warm plus, let's be honest.... I couldn't wait to dig in.

Homemade whipped cream is simple. Purchase heavy or light whipping cream, add confectioner or granulated sugar ( my preference is confectioners) & a touch of vanilla or the popular vanilla bourbon extract. One of my Fall favorites for desserts! Back to this cherrific recipe.... Allow your cherries to macerate for at least one hour. Do you own a cherry pitter? I desperately need to purchase one. The process without a pitter is a tad tedious. Prior to starting, I picked the prettiest cherries with stems as props to include in the photograph. I hope you try this recipe and have an awesome day!

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